Camp Conestoga

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At Camp Conestoga there are plenty of opportunities for your Scouts to experience the Scouting program at its very finest. There are programs available for young and old Scouts alike. The new Scouts can become acquainted with Camp Conestoga and the summer camp experience in the Pathfinder Program. Older Scouts can participate in our COPE program or our high adventure program, Mini-Phil. All of this and more provides a great opportunity for your Scouts to continue on their trail to eagle. Outstanding facilities, dedicated and enthusiastic Camp Staff, diverse advancement opportunities, program features for first year campers and older Scouts all add up to adventures that will truly last a lifetime.

2018 Camp Conestoga Merit Badge Schedule and Registration

This year Camp Conestoga is going to have online registration for merit badges. The purpose of this is to be able to impose the class size limitations before scouts get to camp. Nothing can be more disheartening to a scout than being excited all year to finally try Sail Boating, but the class being full by the time you get there.

To implement this we will be utilizing a program called Google Sheets.
For those of you familiar with Gmail and other Google programs, you will recognize these as very similar to Microsoft Office programs such as excel. If you are not then we will be posting instructions on how to access the sign up in the coming month.

The process will be very simple. On March 24th we will send out an email to all units letting them know registration is open. You will receive an email with links to the sign up sheets. Be sure to select the sheet that matches your week at camp. For example: If you are attending Week 1 of camp, then select Week 1 registration. From there you will need to type in your scouts schedule. Some classes, like stained glass, will be limited to a certain number based on tools and materials available. Registration will close May 4th at midnight.

For units who are not familiar with online programs, we will be offering time at the council office to work with units and help them register. More information on times and dates of availability will be coming soon.