Short Term Camping

Short term-camping fees are as follows:

  1. Buck Run
    1. Buck Run Building $40,
    2. Buck Run Dining hall $50,
    3. Buck Run Site $20
  2. Camp Conestoga  
    1. Conestoga site $25
  3. Camp Tenacharison
    1. Camp site $25
    2. Wolenter Lodge $40 per night
  4. Per person use fee for District and Council events $1.00 per person
  5. Out of Council use fee for events is $2.00 per person.

In Council Units will receive a $10.00 discount on second or more use of Camp Facilities during a calendar year.

Please use the Short term Camping applications below.  There is one for Camp Tenacharison, and one for Eberly Scout Reservation.  Contact the council service center at 724-837-1630 for availability.  Fax completed applications to 724-832-8780.

    Camp Tenacharison Short Term Camp 

    Eberly Scout Reservation Short Term Camp