Campapalooza!!  May 18-20, 2018

Campapalooza 2018 Logo

A festival of Scouting!  CAMPAPALOOZA (camp-a-pa-looz-a) is a council-wide event held every 4 years for all Scouts and the community.

Campapalooza will be packed full of fun activities for Packs, Troops, and Crews.  There will be competitions, displays and shows.

2018 Council Camporee (Campapalooza) will be held at Mammoth Park near Mt. Pleasant, PA on May 18-20, 2018.

Open to the public

Visitors from the community will be welcome to attend and see the many exciting exhibits on Saturday, May 19th from 9am to 4pm.   There is no charge for observers.    Youth that wish to participate in program must purchase a day pass.    Any individual that wants to stay on property after park closing (sundown) must be registered with the BSA and must have a weekend pass.

Sponsors needed!

We would love to feature your company as a sponsor at Campapalooza.   Several sponsorship options are available with packages starting at $500.   Please download our sponsorship prospectus or contact us today for more information.    Inquiries can be sent to Mike Landi, event finance manager or to Martin Barbie, Council Scout executive.


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Event Schedule

 Friday, May 18th 2018
 Time Location Activity
Pav. 11
Check-in (weekend campers only) open through 9:00pm
 9:30pm Pav. 13
Senior Patrol Leader & Scoutmaster meeting
 Dark   Stargazing activity
 10:30pm   Quiet time
 Saturday, May 19th 2018
 Time Location Activity
Unit campsites
Breakfast (units will provide their own food)
8:30am Pav. 13
Opening ceremony and announcements
9:00am   Daytime program (open to all) until 4:00 pm.
   Pav 11
Check-in & Information
   Pav. 11
Cub World! 
Open to all children 10 and under with a wristband
Please check in to get your event schedule for the day.
Program will include:  (*)
  • Archery / BB Gun
  • Giant slingshots
  • Eddie the Eagle
  • Magic Show
  • Native American Dance
  • Raingutter regatta
  • Water rockets
  • Challenge trail
  • Panning for gold
   Pav 12
Special guests (*)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • PA State Representatives Ryan Warner and Matthew Dowling
   Pav 13
Camp trading post (**)
  • Special event patches and shirts
  • Drinks, Sno Cones, and snacks.
  • Items from summer camp
   Pav 13
Competitions HQ  (*)
Download the competitions information packet for rules and details.
  • Challenge trail
  • Unit gateway competition
  • Unit flag competition
  • Scouting triathlon
  • Sasquatch calling
  • "UFO" Cub Pack Contest
  • Participation Stamps
Some activities will require preparation before arrival
   Parking lot
National Guard Climbing Wall
   Parking lot
Food trucks (**)
  • Big boys BBQ and catering
  • Varsity Dogs
  • Earth, Wheel and Fire pizza
  • Lemonade and Kettle Corn
   Parking area
Displays and exhibits (*)
  • UPMC "Stop the bleed"
  • HAM radio
  • Wildlife works
  • PA Cleanways
  • PA State police
  • Greensburg dive team
  • Sharpsville trapper association
  • Scouting religious emblems display
  • Laurel Highland Mountain Watershed Association
  • Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  • Pittsburgh Thunderbirds - Ultimate Frisbee
   Island Wagion Lodge #6 Native American display
   Air field
Remote control aircraft
fishing deck
Shows / music
 4:30pm Unit campsites
Dinner  (units responsible for their own food)
 6:00pm   Religious services:
  • Catholic - Bishop Malesic   (pav 13)
  • Protestant - Rev. Kathy Howells  (pav 12)
 Sundown   Park closed.   Everybody on property must have weekend wristband
 8:00pm Handicap deck
Closing show
  • Awards and announcements
  • Games
  • Cracker barrel
  • Live band
 10:30pm   Quiet time
 Sunday, May 20, 2018
 Time Location Activity
  Unit campsites
Breakfast (units provide their own food)
Unit campsites Campsite inspection & checkout
(*) - Activities are still being planned and are all tentative.   Items may be added or removed prior to the event.

(**) - Scouts are encouraged to bring extra money with them for the Trading Post and Food Trucks.   These activities are not included with the event fee.


Registration is Open!   There is an early-bird discount available.

Click here for registration form.

Registration fees
 Boy Scouts / Venturers

 Cub Scouts
 $10  $5 (early bird rate through 5/5/18)
 Adult Leaders (Day)
 Adult Leaders (Evening / Overnight)
 Guests & visitors / day program only:

Any individual wishing to participate in all program and receive an event patch must be registered for day program or evening program.    Any person attending as a spectator only is eligible for the free guest rate.   This includes parents and family that do not wish to receive an event patch.

Please note that according to Mammoth Park rules, the park closes at dusk.    Only visitors with an evening program wristband will be allowed on the property after dusk.    The property is patrolled by park police and people without a wristband may be ordered to leave.

Please contact the council office or Ken Koncerak, Event Registration Manager, with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Cub Pack camp overnight?

Yes!  Cub packs are welcome to stay one or two nights.   Please be aware of the following conditions:

  • Every person (youth and adult) staying after dark must have a weekend pass.

  • It is recommended that each Cub Scout have a parent with them, or be assigned to a trusted adult that will be responsible for them for the weekend.

  • Each Pack must have at least one adult that has completed the BALOO training.  (BALOO training will be offered May 5-6 at Camp Buck Run, for more information, contact the council service center).

  • Each Pack will be "buddied up" with a Boy Scout unit.

Should I receive a ticket when I register?

There is no "ticket."   When you pre-register for the event, your attendance information is recorded on the form that you submit along with your payment.    You will receive a receipt for your payment, and you are encouraged to bring that with you to the event.

On arrival, your unit leader is responsible for checking in your entire unit.    You will need to check in with them to receive your wristband.

I already pre-registered.   Can I add more people?

Yes.   You may simply submit an additional registration form and we will attach it to your existing one.   The additional people will need to pay whatever rate is in effect on the day that form is submitted. 

Is food included in the weekend cost?

No.   Each unit is responsible for bringing their own food for the weekend.    There will be food trucks available to purchase lunch on Saturday, and there will be snacks available in the trading post.   However, you will need to bring extra money if you wish to purchase lunch.

Can I build a campfire in my campsite?

Yes, but you must observe the following rules:

  • No fires may be built directly on top of the grass.   We must adhere to leave no trace guidelines.   Propane stoves and portable fire pits are strongly recommended.

  • All ashes and unburned wood must be removed on Sunday.   It is very important that leave the property exactly as we found it.   And we want to be especially mindful not to leave behind anything that might damage a lawnmower.

  • Firewood will not be provided, and it is unlikely that you will be able to find much around the camping area.

Is there water / electricity available in campsites?

No.  This is primitive camping.   You are encouraged to bring your own water.  There will be water fountains which will provide limited availability to refill canteens and small water containers.

There is no electricity available anywhere near the camping area.    People that need an electric hookup for CPAP machines will need to bring their own power source.

Can I park near my campsite? 

Units that indicated on their registration form that they will be bringing a trailer will be allowed to park their trailer in their campsite and then return their vehicle to the parking lot.     No vehicles will be allowed to remain in campsites.

What about medical forms?

Each unit is responsible for having a medical form (parts A and B) for every participant -- youth and adult.   Unit leaders should bring these to check-in and then will be responsible for keeping them during the weekend.

I am a parent and I don't want a patch.   Do I need to register / pay a fee?

If you are only observing activities and not participating in program, and if you are only attending Saturday during daylight hours, you do not need to purchase a wristband.

Can I bring my Son's younger brother / sister on Saturday.

Yes!   Campapalooza is open to the public.   Younger siblings are invited to participate in Cub World along with the Cub Packs.     You will need to purchase a daytime wristband for each child that participates in the activities.    They will also receive a special patch, just like their older brother to remember the day!  Please note that some activities (archery and bb guns, for example) may have age restrictions preventing younger children from participating.

Everyone camping overnight must be registered with the B.S.A.

You didn't answer my question!

Feel free to contact the Council Service Center.    Our team of professionals and volunteers are working hard to make this a great event, and we will do everything we can to get you the information you need!