Mall Show

2018 Mall Show
 February 3rd, 2018 1PM to 5:00PM

1PM to 3PM.  The derby track will be set up to race your car in a PRACTICE run. Bring your car out and see how you do against other Cubbies. You can race as a Pack or against other scouts.

3:00PM. Edible Pinewood Derby  We will race anything you can eat down the track.  Come up with your own design.  You're only limited by your imagination. Cost $2.00. Participation ribbons for all who attend.

3:30 PM  Parade of the Soup Box Cars and Pack Flags.  Bring your Flag and stand and display them at the Mall. Bring your decorated soup box as a car, truck or anything you like and Parade through the Mall.

3:30 PM  Registration for the Cake Bake Contest

4:00 PM  Cake/Bake Start time Cost $2.00 per entry.  Theme “Cubs and Bugs in Nature”  Bring cooked, undecorated cake, everything must be done at the Mall, everything on the cake must be edible.  Scouts receive a patch and 3 prizes to the best cakes.

5:00 PM Judging of Cakes and Poster Contest.  Scouts should wear their uniforms for the entire Mall Show.


Noon to 3PM - PRACTICE Pinewood Derby  (register with Dave Meredith) or 724.439.5774
3:00pm    Edible Pinewood Derby $2.00 ( 3 top prizes)
3:30pm    Parade of Soupbox Derby/Pack Flags  
                Registration for Cake Bake      $2.00
4:00pm    Cake/Bake Contest  ($2.00 Patch, 3 top prizes)
5:00pm    Judging of the cakes
                Hand out prizes for Cakes