Fort Ligonier Scout Days

Saturday, April 21 | 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Fort Ligonier’s very own Eagle Scout and Assistant Director of Education Matt Gault leads both Boy and Girl Scouts through a variety of exciting activities that combine scouting skills and 18th century colonial life. Here’s what Matt and his team have planned….

18th Century Cooking
Can I get a No. 4 with extra cheese and a side of fries? McDonalds did not exist in the 1700’s. Discover what soldiers ate and how they would have cooked their food at Fort Ligonier in 1758!
Forbes and First Aid of the 18th Century
MedExpress was not located at the corner of the Fort in 1758. Discover how different medicine was in 1758 compared to today and how soldiers survived on the frontier.
Readers Theater |Native Captives and Native items
Hear about the role Native Americans played during the Forbes Campaign and throughout the French and Indian War.
Musket and Weaponry of the 1700’s
Artillery used at the Fort was very different from the ones used today. See how a musket works.
Tour the NEW History Gallery
Experience the brand new History Gallery and see hundreds of artifacts that tell compelling stories of the people who lived at Fort Ligonier and whose actions changed world history.  
How do you save a Fort?
See first-hand how Fort Ligonier has been restored and preserved for the past 260 years. You will hear from a staff member who is dedicated to preserving the Fort.
 Meet a Highlander
Meet a soldier who would have traveled from Scotland to join the Forbes Campaign and how he played a vital role in capturing Fort Duquesne (today’s Fort Pitt) from which the city of Pittsburgh rose.
George Washington  
Did you know that our nation’s first president was here at Fort Ligonier as a young 26 year-old man? Learn about his experiences here at the Fort and on the Pennsylvania frontier that shaped his life.

$9 per person (Early Bird until April 16) |$12 per person after Early Bird.

To register, please contact Candace Gross at or call 724-238-9701.

200 South Market Street, Ligonier, PA 15658 |724-238-9701 |