Webelos Weekend



September 22, 23 2018


WHERE:  Camp Conestoga

COST:  $15.00 per Webelos and 10.00 per leader

(if you’re staying the night or not.)

You need two- (2) deep leadership for the weekend.

This event is for all your registered Webelos Scouts

The Webelos will be assigned to a Troop, they will eat and camp overnight with the Troops. There may be Packs that only stay the day, but they will also be assigned to a Troop, to have lunch and dinner with. You will arrive around 8:00 (registration) on Saturday and stay overnight.  You will eat lunch, dinner, snack and breakfast on Sunday morning with the Troop.  Everyone will depart by 10:00 Sunday morning.

  As soon as I receive the registrations I will contact the Troop with your Pack number and your contact person.  This will give you and the Troop a little over two weeks to prepare for weekend.  

I will also contact you on what Troop you will be assigned to and will give you a contact number of that Troop to talk to them if you would like.

Pre-Registration of Webelos is a must and will be by September 12th    You will bring registration fees with you to the weekend. I will collect the registration fees Saturday morning.  Please bring cash or 2 (two) /checks with you.  I will be giving the Troops 10.00 dollars per person to cover the cost of food and equipment needed for this event. I will collect this fee Saturday morning at registration.  The check or cash will be given to the Troops on Saturday so please be certain you bring this with you Saturday morning. We do not want the Troops to lose out on this weekend.  (if you use checks one will be made out to the TROOP Hosting you and the other to BSA)

During your visit you will have the opportunity to work with multiple Troops from throughout  Bushy Run District.  This weekend is for All Webelos.

Please let me know if you will participate in this weekend.

        I will need to know no later than September 12, so I know how many Webelos and Leaders I have coming to place the Webelos. 

You can do this two ways:

  1. Email me and tell me that you are coming and how many that  will be attending
  2. Call office and tell Colleen that you are coming and how many that will be attending

Either way I need to know:   Pack Number, Name of contact person, phone number and e-mail address   Number of people attending (boys and adults)

Thank You

Arlene Snyder

If you have any questions please call 724-863-3213, or e-mail me at arseagle@aol.com if e-mailing me ,  please put ”Webelos weekend” in subject, in case it goes to spam. 

What to Bring and Registration