Family Campaign

2018 FOS patch 


Typically a Family Friends of Scouting presentation is done at a Pack Meeting, Blue and Gold Banquet or Boy Scout Court of Honor, however it could be done at any event with a high level of parental participation.

At a Blue and Gold Banquet or Court of Honor it is important that we remember the purpose of these events are to recognize the achievements of our Scouts. A Friends of Scouting presentation, when done well, will compliment the overall program, not detract from the occasion.

Each unit should appoint one parent to serve as the Friends of Scouting coordinator. The FOS Coordinator should inform the unit of their goals, the date of their presentation and collect any early contributions. A poster will be provided for the FOS Coordinator to share this information, if possible this should be posted in the Scouts meeting place where parents can take note.

On the day of the presentation the FOS Coordinator should welcome the presenters and assist them in whatever may be needed. The agenda for the event should be clearly planned. At times your presenter may need to leave early or arrive late depending on the number of presentations they will be making that day. Please communicate with the presenter about their arrival and departure needs prior to the event.

A sample agenda for a Blue and Gold or Court of Honor is listed below:  

  1. Unit Opening, Pledge & Prayer
  2. Dinner
  3. Introduction of Speaker(s)
  4. Friends of Scouting Presentation
  5. Unit Program, Skits
  6. Friends of Scouting Report
  7. Awards, Advancement, Etc.
  8. Final Friends of Scouting Thank You (If needed)
  9. Unit Closing, Scout Vespers, Etc.


Troop or Pack Friends of Scouting Checklist

  1. Submit the date you would like to have your presentation.
    1. Get the date to your District Executive or the Scout Office before January 31.
  2. Educate your unit about Friends of Scouting, what the money is used for, and let them know they will be asked to give in the near future.
    1. Be positive!
    2. Do not say: “council is going to want your money again!”
    3. Remember if it was not for Friends of Scouting there would be no Scouting program for your boys to take part in.
  3.  Remind parents about the upcoming presentation.
    1. Send home reminders.
    2. Make announcements.
    3. Parents are not as willing to give if they have not brought their checkbooks, or have not had time to consider a gift before the presentation.
  4.  Enthusiastically welcome the presenter into your unit.
    1. Give them a nice introduction at your Pack Meeting, Blue and Gold or Court of Honor (wherever that person may be speaking).