To encourage the youth participating in the Boy Scouts of America and the Trail’s End® Popcorn Sale ("Participating Scouts") to reach their full potential as responsible, participating citizens and leaders.


1. Trail’s End will credit to a Participating Scout’s scholarship account ("Account") four percent (4%) of Qualified Sales (as defined below) occurring prior to July 1, 1998, and six percent (6%) of Qualified Sales occurring after July 1, 1998, up to a maximum credit of One Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($1,000.00) per calendar year, provided the Participating Scout has satisfied the Initial Eligibility Requirements to become a Participating Scout as set forth below.

2. The Participating Scout will receive an annual balance update from Trail’s End reflecting the amount of his Qualified Sales and the accumulated credits ("Scholarship Credits") to his Account. For purposes of this Scholarship Program, Qualified Sales shall mean certain sales of Trail's End® products sold by a Participating Scout during a local Boy Scout Council fundraiser or purchased online using a Participating Scout's I.D. for which full payment has been received by Trail's End ("Qualified Sales").

3. During the first year of a Participating Scout’s post high school education, provided all Eligibility Requirements as set forth below are satisfied, Trail’s End will make a single payment to the Participating Scout’s Educational Institution in the amount of the Participating Scout's total Scholarship Credits. The payment must be used to defray the expenses charged by the institution to the Participating Scout for (a) tuition, (b) books and materials, or (c) room and board.

4. Interest will accrue on a Participating Scout’s accumulated Scholarship Credits. The annual interest rate will be equal to the prime rate

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