Boy Scouts

Troop Planning:

  • 2016 Boy Scout Requirements
  • Transitioning to 2016 Requirements
  • 2016 Boy Scout Requirements FAQ
  • Troop Planning Calendar - You can easily modify this calendar template to plan out a fun-filled year of Scouting.
  • Troop Meeting Plan - Help your Patrol Leaders plan an effective meeting by equipping them with this planning sheet, which follows the time-tested meeting structure.
  • Journey to Excellence 2015 Scorecard - Please print the Journey to Excellence (JTE) Scorecard and refer to it often throughout the year to monitor your Troop’s progress in critical achievements related to planning and budget, membership, program, and volunteer leadership. Go for the Gold by earning at least 1,000 points in at least 8 objectives! The completed JTE Scorecard should be signed by the Scoutmaster, troop committee chair, and unit commissioner, and submitted to the Scout Service Center with charter renewal paperwork.
  • Journey to Excellence 2015 Spreadsheet - Insert data into this spreadsheet to automatically calculate your unit’s progress toward success, as measured by the Journey to Excellence Scorecard (see above). Pull relevant data from unit records and the My.Scouting unit dashboard. Your local Council Service Center (phone: (724)837-1630) can also assist you with relevant statistics to help you complete this spreadsheet.
  • Troop Annual Program Planning Conference Guide - What is a troop planning conference? Why is it a great tool for taking your troop to the next level? Who should be involved? This excellent resource answers these questions and others.
  • Tour Plan Information - Tour plans are REQUIRED for certain types of outings – details can be found here! Find a link to the tour and activity plan, and explore a Q&A section explaining how your unit can use this tool to prepare for safe and fun adventure.  Completing the plan creates a better-organized experience for Scouts, with qualified leadership and appropriate equipment and transportation in place. Please complete and submit this plan at least 21 days in advance to ensure your Council has enough time to review the plan and assist as necessary.


Troop Budget:


  • Troop Program Planning Budget - These helpful guidelines for planning your troop’s annual budget were designed to help troops sustain a meaningful, exciting, and comprehensive youth program that achieves the objectives of Scouting.
  • Troop Operating Budget - This template will make it easier to create a budget, and will help to ensure that you don’t neglect any important considerations.
  • Troop Pro-rated Fees - The fees that should be collected from newly registered Scouts and leaders vary depending on month. Use this handy one-page reference as a quick guide!
  • Unit Money Earning Application - At least two weeks prior to your unit’s money-earning project, this application should be submitted to the local Council’s Scout Service Center. This form also includes a checklist to guide you in helping to ensure your fundraiser adheres to Scouting standards and will be approved. Applications are NOT required for Council-coordinated money-earning projects such as Popcorn or Camp Card sales.
  • Fiscal Policies for Units - Many answers to frequently asked questions related to unit finances can be found here. Topics covered include: checking and savings accounts, tax identification/”EIN” numbers, insurance for unit equipment, unit accounts at the Scout Service Center/Store, unit-money earning applications, tax-exempt status, IRS form 990-N, and more.


  • Youth Application - Out of youth applications? Print one off here. The application includes Joining Requirements for each program, as well as Information for Parents.
  • Adult Application - The full application for adult leaders can be printed here. Please be sure that the Disclosure/Authorization page is signed. All adults applicants must complete Youth Protection Training before their registration can be processed and before they may begin serving as a leader.
  • Webelos II Cross Over to Boy Scouts - Gain more new recruits to your troop by working closely with Cub Scout packs in your area! This year-round growth plan will help Scouts and parents experience a smooth transition from the Webelos den to the Boy Scout Troop.
  • Troop Resource Survey - The Troop Resource Survey helps identify the skills, life experiences, and passions of adults, to help to determine unique ways they can contribute to the success and development of Scouts within a unit. Included with the survey is the handout “Cub Scouting and Your Family,” which can help to convince parents of the benefits of Scouting for their children’s lives.




  • Advancement Form Fillable - Advancement forms should be completed and submitted to the Council Service Center regularly; they are very important to helping our local Council keep accurate records for each Scout.
  • Internet Advancement Tracking - (Preferred Method) An online system used that allows unit leaders to Review, update, or add ranks, merit badges, and/or awards, Access an online Review Unit Roster feature and the Unit Advancement Summary, Print Advancement Reports with a Unit Awards Summary to assist in purchasing. 
  • Eagle Scout Workbook - Eagle Scout candidates must use this official Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927, produced by the BSA. Although it is acceptable to copy and distribute the workbook, no council, district, unit, or individual has the authority to produce or require additional forms, or to add or change requirements, or to make any additions, deletions or changes in the text, outlines, links, graphics, or any other elements of the workbook.
  • Boy Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet - The Uniform is one of the methods that help us to achieve the aims of Scouting. Conduct the uniform inspection with common sense; the basic rule is neatness.
  • Leader Uniform Inspection Sheet - As adult leaders, we are expected to set a positive example for the Scouts we serve; wearing the uniform appropriately is one aspect of this obligation.
  • Service Hours - It is important to log service hours that Scouts complete.  Service hours not entered online will not be considered for points on the Journey to Excellence. This link provides a step-by-step guide for registering as a user, recovering and changing passwords, changing a user profile, entering service project data, viewing and editing previously recorded service projects, and printing service hours reporting certificates.


Volunteer Leadership:


  • What Makes a Trained Leader - This one-page resource will help you to understand which adult leaders are considered trained, and are eligible to wear the official “Trained” emblem.