Bear- Stay Camp

Friday, June 19th

Today we will be finishing the Roaring Laughter Belt Loop by working on Requirement 3.

Page 4 of your requirement checklist has a page titled “Create a Story”  Have you ever heard of or done a Mad Libs puzzle?  Your story that you create will be along those lines.  In Mad Libs, you take a story, remove some of the nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc and ask someone else to come up with a list of nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc without having read the story first.  Then, the story is read aloud substituting in the words from their list.

There is an example story in your packet.  Once you have done the example one, try your hand and writing a story of your own and sharing with a family member or friend to complete. 

Thursday, June 18th

Today we will be working on Requirements 2 & 5 of the Roaring Laughter belt loop.

Yesterday you brainstormed some things that made you laugh.  Did you laugh while you were writing the list?  Laughter can be fun!

Page 3 of your requirement checklist has some Silly Tongue Twisters.  They are called Tongue Twisters because if you read them out loud too quickly, your words and sounds can quickly get twisted together.  Practice saying them- slowly at first and as you get better at them, try to say them a little quicker.  Share this list with someone- are they able to say them?

The last page of the packet has jokes on them.  Do you have a favorite joke?  Help make those around you laugh by telling someone at least two of the jokes.  Did they laugh?  How did that make you feel?

Wednesday, June 17th

We will be working on the Roaring Laughter belt loop this week.  Today, we will complete requirement 1.

When you hear ROARING LAUGHTER, what kinds of things do you think of? 

What makes you laugh?  Is it a joke?  Funny movie?  Silly songs?  Cute animals?  Think about what makes you happy enough to laugh.  Write down at least 3 things in the space provided on page 2 of your requirement checklist packet.  If you do not have that packet, you can write your answers down on a piece of paper.

Tomorrow and Friday, we will keep working on silly things that bring laughter.  Stop back tomorrow as we continue to work on our belt loop!