Registration Fee Increase

Dear Westmoreland Fayette Council Volunteers,

Last week’s announcement of the registration fee increases I know is impacting everyone as we get ready to move into the recharter season.

I wanted to take a minute of your time to help you understand how this will impact all of us as we move forward.

All the registration and Boys’ Life fees that are collected go directly to the national office to provide program support, liability insurance for all volunteers and chartered organizations and administrative expenses on the National level.  None of these funds stays within the Council for our use.

The registration fee will increase to $60 per youth member in most of our programs as well as the adult registration fee going to $36.  The unit liability insurance fee is also increasing from $40 to $60.

In the FAQ’s that I sent out last week it also talked about Councils being able to charge up to a $60 program fee for youth members.  The Westmoreland Fayette Council has never charged this fee and has no immediate plans to implement this fee.  The strong support we get from our units and the community in both our Friends of Scouting (FOS) and popcorn programs have allowed us to operate without charging a program fee and as long as we continue to get that support we should be able to operate without that fee.

Also, for the 2020 recharter season we had planned on raising the insurance fee that we charge for accident insurance from $1.00 to $2.00, but working with our key council leadership since the announcement last week we are not going to charge any insurance fee for the 2020 recharter season.  Although this is not a large sum of money for your unit, we want to do anything that we can to help minimize the impact on our membership.

We are going to give a credit to each unit (in the form of a $20 credit on your unit account) here in the Scout Shop to help offset the additional $20 fee for the unit liability insurance for the 2020 recharter.

The council is also exploring additional fundraising opportunities that the units can participate in to help meet the additional need for recharter.  This list should be out with the next issue of the Smoke Signals this week.

I know this is a difficult time as we move forward but I have always felt and continue to feel that the Boy Scouts of America offers the best youth program in the country. The staff of the Westmoreland Fayette Council will do everything that we can to work with you to help you provide that program.

Yours in Scouting,

Martin J. Barbie, III

Scout Executive

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