5 for 5 Event- Webelos Meet the Scout Troops

Are you ready for February 2023? We have planned an event you will not want to miss!

Scouting 5 for 5 Meet and Greet Hybrid Event Night.

Every Spring is an exciting time for Webelos and their caring adults and Cub leaders. Webelos earn the Arrow of Light (AOL) rank and award (which is the highest achievement in Cub Scouting) at the end of their time in the Pack, so the awarding of the AOL coincides with the crossover to a Scout Troop. This crossover, or bridging ceremony, recognizes the AOLs commencing a journey into Scouts BSA. AOLs often ask, “How do we pick a Scout Troop,” or “How do we know which Scout Troop will be the best fit for me?” Certainly, AOLs can access the Scouts BSA website to review their choices https://wfbsa.org/local-scouting/join-scouting/. But, meeting and spending time with various Scout Troops provides an even richer experience.

Every year, Scout Troops within Laurel Hills District take 5 minutes to present 5 great things AOLs and their caring adults should know about their Scout Troops. These presentations are made by the Scouts themselves. There is time for you and your AOLs to ask questions. There is time to visit each Scout Troop’s table and engage in games and fun activities provided by the Scout Troops. It is not too early to save the date on your calendar and plan to participate in this great opportunity.    

What Else Do You Need to Know?

Q: Is there a fee for the event? No, it is free. AOLs, siblings, family members, caring adults, and Cub Leaders are welcome to attend. Scouts are asked to dress in Class A Scout shirts. As the date of the event approaches, more information will be made available at https://wfbsa.org/local-scouting/laurel-hills-district/.


Q: How should we participate in the event? AOLs and their caring adults should actively meet and interview Scout Troops, specifically focusing on the programming offered by each Scout Troop. Scouts who are most active in, and report getting the most out of Scouting, report satisfaction with the correlation between the programming offered by their Scout Troop and their personal interests and personalities.


Q: My AOL has a friend interested in Scouting. Can we bring them to the event? Yes. Remember that every Eagle Scout started their path somewhere. For most of them, it was when someone took the time to share with them what a great experience they would have as a member of their Pack or Troop. 


Q: What do you mean by a hybrid event? The event is offered both as an in-person event or via Zoom. 


Q: What happens after the event? AOLs and their caring adults will receive an emailed handout outlining Scoutmasters’ names and contact information, Scout Troops’ meeting locations, times, and days, Fees and fundraising obligations, and Opportunities and ways for AOLs and their caring adults to visit the Scout Troops. Do not worry if you are not able to participate in the hybrid event night, this information will be emailed to all soon-to-be eligible AOLs and their caring adults.


Q: What are the next steps after the event? AOLs and their caring adults are strongly encouraged to visit at least three Scout Troops prior to registering with their chosen Scout Troop in 2023. You can visit more, as there is no maximum limit. AOLs register with their chosen Scout Troop, between the last day February and June 1st.


For more information, contact Michael Hanawalt, Webelos Transition Coordinator, at jonellehanawalt@gmail.com