Wolf- Stay Camp

Friday, June 19th

Today we will be working on Requirement 6- Using American Sign Language to communicate either a simple sentence or at least 4 points of the Scout Law

“ASL ѕtаndѕ fоr Amеriсаn Sign Lаnguаgе. The name suggests thаt there are additional forms of ѕign lаnguаgе in other parts of thе wоrld. This is truе, as most соuntries have their own versions—and many regions have specific diаlесtѕ, too. However, most varieties of sign language share a number of similarities with ASL, especially the Frеnсh Sign Language (also known as LSF, or la langue des signes française). Over the past 200 years, ASL has established itself thе Unitеd Stаtеѕ and most of Canada.”  There is a lot more information about ASL at this website:  https://asl-kids.com/sign-language-for-kids/

Here is a video of a woman using ASL for the Scout Law.  Please watch and join along.

Optional- if you would like to learn more about American Sign Language, here is another great video that shows the fingerspell alphabet.

Thursday, June 18th 

Today we will be working on Requirements 2 & 7 of the Cubs Who Care Belt Loop.

The first activity we did for the Cubs Who Care Belt Loop was to do several every-day things while wearing gloves or mittens.  Did you need to change or adapt to how you competed those tasks?  

There are ways to adapt sports so that people who have a physical disability can play.  Wheelchair Basketball is one of those sports.  Here are two videos that talk about the game, and the players.

There have been famous people who have had disabilities.  Like many, they were able to adapt and overcome to lead a full life.  Read the links below about 3 famous people and share their story with your family or friends.  Click on the name to go to an article about them.


Wednesday, June 17th

Today we will be working on Requirement 4 of the Cub’s Who Care Belt Loop.

Today’s supplies include a pair of gloves or mittens (a kitchen potholder glove would work too if your winter gear is packed away!) and supplies for any 3 of the activities listed under requirement 4 on your requirement checklist.

Think about your hands.  How many times each day do you use them?  I bet there are lots of things you do each day without even realize you are using your hands.  But imagine for a moment what it would be like if you were not able to use your hands, or your fingers.  Would you be able to do everything you do now in the same way?  How would things be different?

Today we will spend a little time doing a few things wearing gloves or mittens.  For some it may not be very different, but for some it may be very challenging.  After you do at least 3 of the items listed on your sheet, talk about it with a family member.  How was it different?  How was it the same?  

Join us back here tomorrow as we contine working on our Cubs Who Care belt loop.