2015 NYLT

2015 NYLT Course


Fellow Scouters,


I am excited to again this year be the course director/scoutmaster for the National Youth Leadership Training course presented by the Boy Scouts of America and the Westmoreland Fayette Council. This year we have a unique opportunity. Each year we hear from you that your scouts can’t make the NYLT course because of commitments such as band and sports. This year only the course will run from noon on Sunday July 5th till noon on Friday July 10th. This course is also open to venture scouts. If your scout cannot be picked up at noon on Friday he can hang out with the staff till someone can pick him up, however we may put him to work.


This course is not meant to replace the training that you provide to your youth leaders but rather to enhance it. With all that you have to do it would be near impossible for you run a training of this intensity. Also it is an opportunity for your future unit leaders to interact with youth from other units and exchange ideas.


This course does not teach scout skills however it does afford an opportunity for youth to hone skills such as fire building, cooking, backpacking, hiking, lashing, orienteering, geocaching, and leave no trace. The skills we teach is how to communicate well, what is a vision, smart goals, how to plan, how to teach and learn via the EDGE method, how to run a PLC meeting, a troop meeting, a campfire, a scouts worship service, how to interact with the adults, and how to make ethical choices.


Also this year I am inviting any adult scouter who would like to spend a day with us to view the course to call me and make the arrangements. Spaces for this is limited so call early.  Be aware that this will be considered a job interview. Any Adult scouter who would like to be on the staff should call me.


 Download a nomination form HERE. The scoutmaster should fill out this form and return it to the council service center along with payment as soon as possible. The nominees will  receive more information when accepted


Some more good news is that the cost of the course is still only $175.


 Yours in scouting, 

Denny Kinzel