2026 National Jamboree


The 2026 National Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve will be held on

July 22-31, 2026

Look for more details on the Jamboree in the next few months.   We will begin to take youth deposits starting in the fall of 2024.  Once the Jamboree fee is finalized we will have an anticipated cost for attendees.

Adults interested in attending as Adult Leaders (over 21), Staff or helping with the Council Jamboree Committee please contact Doug Sestock at 412.327.0372 or hzox221@yahoo.com


Westmoreland-Fayette Council is planning to send a contingent troop to the 2026 National Jamboree at the Summit.

Scouting’s flagship national event is one-of-a-kind. It’s a gathering of tens of thousands of Scouts and scouters showcasing everything that is great about Scouting. Over the course of 10 summer days scouts join together for this iconic outing. Because it normally takes place every four or more years, most scouts will only have one opportunity to visit the Jamboree as a youth. Many Jambo alumni said their experience was one of the most memorable adventures during their years in scouting.

What’s the National Jamboree?
It’s the most awesome event a Scout or Venturer could attend. It’s everything you can do in Scouting–and more–in one spot just for you . . . and about 25,000 of your friends from around the country and around the world! Its 10 days of adventure and excitement that you don’t want to miss!!

What can you do?
Climbing, zip lines, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, BMX biking, world-class skate park, shooting ranges, kayaking, arena shows, aquatic challenges, state of the art tech stuff, rappelling, merit badge opportunities, STEM Quest and even some patch trading along the way.

The Summit Bechtel Reserve is home to the National Scout Jamboree. Situated in the wilds of West Virginia, The Summit is a training, Scouting, and adventure center for the millions of youth and adults involved in the Boy Scouts of America and anyone who loves the outdoors. The Summit is a place that takes Scouts and Venturers to the limits of what they think they can do, and then pushes them further.

A national Jamboree is an encampment of Scouts/Venturers plus their unit leaders with the purpose of providing a dramatic demonstration of Scouting’s ability to develop world goodwill, a spirit of friendship, and a source of understanding among young people through fellowship, activities, and adventure. Most of the participants will come from the Boy Scouts of America although most of the countries with Scout associations will have representation. The National Scout Jamboree is the BSA’s iconic event, and one of the most gratifying experiences a Scout can have. Since 1937, the jamboree has provided an occasion for Scouts from all backgrounds, faiths, cultures, and parts of the country to come together around shared values, and to gain invaluable learning experiences through adventure activities..