Council Calendar

To see individual District Calendars click on links to the left.

If you are having difficulty adding the calendar from a mobile device, please try to add the calendar from a desktop or laptop computer, then select and sync the calendar from your mobile device.

To download a PDF Version of the 2022-2023 Council Calendar, please click below. Please note that the printed calendar is subject to change after printing. For the most up to date information please use the digital calendars on the council website.

Council Calendar Subscription

Are you looking for real-time up-to date information about events at the Council or District level?

Parents and volunteers can now electronically subscribe to the different council and district calendars. As a result, the most accurate event and meeting information will always be available on your mobile device or computer. 

Each calendar has a link for Outlook and Google Users. Anyone wishing to subscribe to the calendar should follow the instructions below each link. 

Below you will find the links for Council Calendar!

Outlook Users

Google Users

Subscription Instructions for Outlook Users

Detailed instructions coming soon

Subscription Instructions for Google Users

Detailed instructions coming soon