2021 SALE

Selling Popcorn

The popcorn sale is not just about selling popcorn….it’s also about promoting Scouting!  When participating in popcorn sales, Scouts gain self-confidence, people skills, money management, salesmanship, and business ethics — things that help prepare them for life.  These are great values and skills for youth to learn.  All proceeds stay right here to help support local scouting…that’s 70% that goes to Scouting!  While a portion of that goes to directly support your unit,  the remaining portion is reinvested into camp improvements and equipment, program support and office supplies.

Your Scouts may want to participate in online sales rather than face-to-face sales, just contact your unit popcorn chair and ask him or her to register your Scout to sell online.  The online commission percentage is the same as the percentage that the Unit earns for selling popcorn.

 Here are 4 important links for this year’s sale:

Unit Popcorn sales–> Pecatonica River Popcorn

Online Sales (opening 8/15/21)–> Pecatonica River Popcorn Store

Tutorial Video Links

Scout Boss Guide -Unit