20 Mile Day Hike

When: Sunday, August 11th, 2024

Where: Great Allegheny Passageway (Sand Patch to Markleton, PA)

Start Time: 7:30 am; End Time: Approximately 6:00 pm

Are you working on the Hiking Merit Badge and/or do you just enjoy hiking? Are you ready for a hiking challenge? Laurel Hills District is offering ten, hike ready scouts the opportunity to hike 20 miles, in one day, along the Great Allegheny Passageway with a Hiking Merit Badge Assistant Scout Master and other qualified Assistant Scout Masters. The Hiking Merit Badge requirements “include taking the five following hikes, each on a different day, and each of continuous miles. These hikes must be taken in the following order: One 5-mile hike, Three 10-mile hikes, and One 15-mile hike.” The sixth and final hike, which is being offered by Laurel Hills District, is “a hike of 20 continuous miles in one day following a hike plan you have prepared. You may stop for as many short rest periods as needed, as well as one meal, but not for an extended period (example: overnight).”